VP Vision Real-time energy monitoring solution

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Identify the use of individual media and make sustainable decisions regarding costs and investments. Actual consumption of all utilities, with the PC or smartphone, in real-time or as a report via email. VPVision will be your companion for achieving energy savings in individual processes, teams or in the company as a whole.

Lower costs Discover your savings potential

Energy is expensive. Electricity, gas and water are often the largest operating costs incurred by a company. They are widely used and are wasted too often. Compressed air is nearly 10 times more expensive than electricity. All good reasons to monitor your energy consumption and to seek out savings.

Alarm module Never miss out again

An extremely flexible signal analyser, which notifies you by email when limit values are exceeded. Configuration is simple and intuitive with a drag & drop interface.

SQL Connector Full transparency

With the SQL Connector, you can access the VPVision system using standard SQL queries, or link the collected data to third-party providers, such as a SCADA or a building management system

Reports Everything at a glance

Automatically create custom PDF reports. For example, for department billing, consumption reports or fault messages.

Flexible and scalable

The system grows with your energy management requirements. I/O modules, software modules, additional channels. Take the first step towards energy management. Whether Basic or Advanced, each system can be extended retrospectively in any manner.


For small installations and companies

  • 4 modbus sensors
  • 4 analogue sensors
  • 4 virtual channels
  • Reports


For medium to large installations

  • 8 modbus sensors
  • 8 analogue sensors
  • 8 virtual sensors
  • P&ID module
  • Reports


  • 100% web-based interface
  • On-site data storage, secure
  • Interactive P&ID screens
  • Alarms for limit values
  • Virtual channels (calculated values)
  • Automated PDF report generation with e-mail function


  • 4 ... 20 mA
  • Modbus RTU sensors
  • Modbus TCP sensors
  • Optional SQL connection