Dew point sensors

It is extremely important for the compressed air quality and process reliability to monitor residual moisture in compressed air applications or systems. The higher the residual moisture, the shorter the service life of filters and active carbon elements. It is important to adapt the sensor to the task and the measuring range in the case of dew point measurements. The response time and measurement accuracy are crucial here.

Refrigeration dryers and simple adsorption dryers HD 60 dew point sensors

Simple handling, installation and a wide application spectrum were carefully considered during the design phase of the HD 60 dew point sensor. Pressure dew point measurements are just as easy to handle as conventional pressure or temperature measurements.

Your air or gas management system can also be integrated directly via the 4-20mA output. The HD 60 dew point transmitter is characterised by its extremely fast response behaviour for dew points.
 Designed for accurate measurements below -55°C DTp with 8 point calibration.

Product features

  • Ideal for OEM drying applications

  • Dew point measuring range -60 to + 60°C 

  • Quick response time

  • Sturdy design in accordance with IP66 protection class

  • Traceable 8-point calibration certificate

  • Accuracy ± 2°C

  • Process connection G ½“ BSP

  • Voltage or mA output signal