SK Serie Oil-free, low sound intensity,
high reliability

Meets the strictest compressed air purity requirements. Reliable and environmentally friendly.

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Technology Functional principle

Scroll compressors consist of two screws, whereby one screw rotates around another fixed screw and thus compresses the air. Scroll compressors run very smoothly and are ideally suited for continuous air consumption with a duty cycle of up to 100%.

  • Capable of endurance runs
  • Simple maintenance
  • Low vibration and smooth running
  • Integrated belt tensioner
  • High reliability

Model SK-37-8 SK-55-8
Motor (kW) 3,7 5,5
Softstarter Nein Ja
F.A.D. (l/min) 400 600
Tank (ltr) 90 Nein
Noise level (dB(A)) 67 69
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