About us

Kruckenberg Drucklufttechnik GmbH has been one of the leading specialist dealers for applied compressed air technology in Northern Germany since 1971. We have been developing and manufacturing sturdy, oil-free piston compressors since 2009. We also provide tailor-made stations including all necessary control and treatment components as a vendor-neutral partner. On request including pipeline construction, service and repair work, volume flow measurements, as well as compressed air quality and energy analysis by our trained specialist personnel.

  • 1971

    Founding of Kruckenberg Drucklufttechnik GmbH by Peter Kruckenberg with the aim of planning, delivering and installing compressed air systems ready for operation to the industry.

  • 1975

    Springer-Verlag Publishers, Hamburg. Responsible for the maintenance and installation of compressed air, vacuum and blast air systems including production systems across all German and European print houses of the company.

  • 1976/77

    Delivery and ready-for-use installation of three compressed air stations for three combined heat and power plants each together with Lentjes-Logi for the municipal utilities of the city of Flensburg.

  • 1981

    New premises at Reepschlägerstraße 8 in Lübeck Roggenhorst with a floor area of 1,000 m2

  • 1982

    Springer Verlag Publishers builds the largest printing works in Europe in Ahrensburg. Kruckenberg Drucklufttechnik is responsible for the planning, delivery and installation of 5 screw compressors, each at 200 kW, two of which in a speed-regulated version, blast air systems 180 kW and vacuum systems 240 kW as well as the complete pipeline construction, total length 8600 m from DN15 to DN 300

  • 1982

    Kruckenberg Drucklufttechnik becomes the authorised dealer for FESTO Pneumatik in Schleswig-Holstein.

  • 1985

    Delivery and installation of compressors and pipelines for the new production site of Jungheinrich in Norderstedt.

  • 1992

    Kruckenberg Drucklufttechnik develops a fully pneumatic system to incorporate grip pockets into aerated concrete masonry units for two Hebel Porenbeton factories. We installed a total of 4,000 pneumatic cylinders for this purpose.

  • 1994

    Expansion of the production area by 1.600 m2at Reepschlägerstraße 8 in Lübeck Roggenhorst. Available floor space now 2.600 m2 .

  • 2004

    V&B Lübeck. Complete compressed air supply for the Dänischburg works in Lübeck. 8 bar network, 3x 55 kW speed-regulated, 13 bar network, 2x 45 kW speed-regulated.

  • 2006

    Goleniow, Poland. Tooling up a DVD and CD production facility with 3x 90 kW screw compressors including treatment.

  • 2007

    Bucharest, Romania. Construction of another DVD and CD production facility.

  • 2009

    Launch of in-house development of oil-free piston compressors in the power range 2.2-11 kW with operating pressures of 8, 10 and 12 bar.

  • 2010-2012

    Kruckenberg Drucklufttechnik is awarded a tender with the German air navigation service provider to supply compressed air stations with a redundant design with compressed air quality [1:2:1] to all German aeronautical radar installations after a Europe-wide request for bids.

  • 2012

    Kruckenberg Drucklufttechnik is awarded the tender from Dräger to supply 30 oil-free piston compressor units for a hospital project in Cuba.

  • 2013

    Kruckenberg delivers a 40 foot container to Honduras for a German automotive supplier. Equipped with a 3x 75 kW screw compressor with compressed air treatment [1:2:1] including new installation of the pipeline.

  • 2014

    Lübeck, the city of marzipan. Lubeca retrofits the entire production to oil-free compressed air. 2x 68 kW oil-free water-injected screw compressors and 1x 22 kW oil-free piston compressor from Kruckenberg with appropriate treatment [1:4:1]

  • 2017

    Kruckenberg delivers a 20 foot container to Detroit, USA for a manufacturer of 3D printers. Equipped with redundant compressed air supply. Redundant treatment in the classification [1:1:1]. Redundant cooling water systems and redundant argon extraction. Fully visualized and UL certified.