QBE Chiller from 2 to 25 kW

Compact industrial chillers for precise cooling water temperature regulation with varying load requirements and a control accuracy of up to +/- 0,1 °C.

Electronic hot gas bypass valve (optional)With utmost precision

The required coolant quantity is proportionally controlled based on the water temperature at the outlet of the evaporator. This facilitates very accurate regulation compared to normal capacity regulation by compressors or the control over thermal loads. Very high accuracies between ± 0.1 K can be achieved under nominal operating conditions.

Refrogeramt circuite

  • Rotary (models QBE 2-12) or
    scroll (models QBE 14-25)
  • Copper coaxial evaporators
    (models QBE 2-7)
    or with AISI 316 stainless steel brazed plates
    (models QBE 9-25);
  • Microchannel condenser
  • Dehydrator filter
  • Flow indicator indicating presence of humidity
    (models QBE 8-25)
  • Thermostatic equalisation expansion valve (excluding model QBE002)
  • Manual reset high pressure switch
  • Automatic reset low pressure switch (models QBE 8-25)
  • Control and maintenance pressure plugs

Hydraulic circuit

  • Thermally insulated storage tank, in ABS (models QBE 2-7) and plastic (models QBE 8 to 25)
  • Thermally insulated electric pump
  • Water bypass (prevents problems linked to shut-off valves being closed by mistake
  • Water differential pressure switch (models QBE 8 to 25)
  • Water gauge
  • Water level switch
  • Draining tap
  • Water filler

All QBE models come with an open container (not resistant to pressure). Pressure-resistant containers are optionally available for all sizes (except for the QBE 2). All QBE models come with a hydraulic circuit made out of non-ferrous materials as standard.


Housing frames and cladding consist of powder-coated steel. Suitable for outdoor installation (IP44 as standard only for QBE 8 to 25). All fixing elements are made of stainless steel or are galvanised. The side cladding can be easily removed and provides access for maintenance and repair work. Wheels are optionally available for all models.

  • Encapsulated rotary piston and scroll compressors
  • 2 to 25 kW cooling capacity
  • Climate-neutral refrigerant R407C
  • Microprocessor control (thermostat for QBE002)
  • Open or closed storage tank (optional)
  • Control accuracies of <0.1°C (optional)
  • RS485 / modbus (optional)
  • Pressurized tank in stainless steel
  • P2, P3 and P5 pump
  • Buffer tank at the machine input
  • Only evaporator
  • Only evaporator and pump
  • Only evaporator and tank
  • Additional hydraulic connection at the tank
  • Flow stabilizing valve
  • Plate heat exchanger
  • Plate heat exchanger built entirely in stainless steel