CWT Chiller from 7 to 128 kW

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The CWT series has been designed for continuous industrial operational use outdoors, with energy-saving regulation of the cooling water temperature under different load requirements. The series includes 16 models with a cooling capacity of 7 to 128 kW.

Multi compressors More efficiency in the partial load range

Chillers are designed for maximum cooling performance, yet this is rarely achieved and only for short periods.

In partial load operation, the efficiency of the chiller with several compressors can be increased by more than 35% compared to the full load. If the machine runs under partial load, whereby only a part of the compressors is in operation, then these overdimensioned heat exchangers are available. This means that, in relation to the costs for 1 kW, you can achieve a cooling capacity of 4 kW instead of 3 kW, for example, which means significant energy savings.

Low starting current

Less inrush current and a longer service life on average.

Better load adjustment

An adjustment to the required load can be made at any time, only the corresponding necessary number of compressors must be switched on.

Fans Speed control as standard

Speed control as a function of the compression pressure reduces energy consumption and noise production at low ambient temperatures or with low loads. All fans feature a protective grid with internal heat protection and automatic reset..

Refrigerant circuit

  • Rotary (models CWT007 und CWT010) and
    scroll, compressors designed for R410A
  • AISI 316 stainless steel brazed plates
  • Micro-channel aluminium condensers
  • Dehydrator filter
  • Sight glass flow indicating presence of humidity
  • Thermostatic expansion valve with external equalistation
  • One-way valve (just for multi-compressor units
  • Manual reset high pressure switch and automatic reset low pressure switch
  • High and low pressure gauges
  • Control and maintenance pressure plugs

Hydraulic circuit

  • Wärmeisolierter Vorratsbehälter
  • Wärmeisolierte Pumpe
  • Druck-Ausgleichsbehälter
  • Sicherheitsventil
  • Automatisches Entlüftungsventil
  • Wasser Differenzdrucküberwachung
  • Wasserfilter am Eingang der Einheit
  • Ablasshahn

Thanks to the multi-compressor version, storage vessels are smaller compared to the individual compressors, whereby the operating temperature of the system can be reached more quickly.


The panels and the load-bearing frame are made of steel and are powder coated on the outside, making them suitable for outdoor installation and resistant to weather conditions.

All fixing elements are made of stainless steel or are galvanised. The CWT series has been developed so that all components, especially those which are subject to regular maintenance or cleaning, are easily accessible without operation being affected and 100% safe for the operator.

The compressor chamber can be accessed on three sides to make control and maintenance work easier. It is completely separate from the fan compartment.

  • Encapsulated rotary piston and scroll compressors
  • 7 to 128 kW cooling capacity
  • Climate-neutral refrigerant R410A
  • Speed-controlled fan
  • Multi compressor configuration
  • Microprocessor control
  • RS485 / modbus
  • Single pump P5
  • Double pump P3
  • Double pump P5
  • Open circuit kit (additional water tank)
  • No tank version with single P3 pump
  • No tank version with double P3 pump
  • No pump version with pressurized water tank
  • No pump version with open circuit kit (additional water tank)
  • Non ferrous pressurized water circuit
  • Water Level Switch
  • Automatic Water Filling Kit
  • Automatic water bypass valve
  • Wind baffles
  • Remote Panel