CWE Chiller and
HWE heat pumps from 13 to 141 kW

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The CWE/HWE series has been designed for continuous industrial operational use outdoors. The series is based on 19 models with a cooling capacity of 13 to 140 kW and has been developed for outdoor installation.

Circulation pumps

All models can be optionally equipped with a multi-stage circulation pump. All components in contact with liquids are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, the sealing is carbon/ceramic/EPDM. All models can be operated with a glycol-ethylene mixture of up to 30%.

The whole CWE/HWE series is available with three usable delivery heads (P2, P3 and P5), as well as a double pump.

A storage vessel is available for all models, both in a pressure-tight and an atmospheric version and in stainless steel.


Two fans with external motor. The fans feature a protective grid with internal heat protection and automatic reset. An optional speed control as a function of the compression pressure reduces energy consumption and noise production at low ambient temperatures or with low loads.

Refrigerant circuit

  • Scroll compressors for R410A
  • AISI 316 stainless steel brazed plates
  • copper pipes and aluminium fins condensers
  • Dehydrator filter
  • Sight glass flow indicating presence of humidity
  • Thermostatic expansion valve with external equalisation
  • Manual reset high pressure switch and semi-automatic reset low pressure transducer
  • HIgh and low pressure gauges
  • Control and maintenance pressure plugs


The panels and the load-bearing frame are made of steel and are powder coated on the outside, making them suitable for outdoor installation and resistant to weather conditions. All fixing elements are made of stainless steel or are galvanised. The CWE series has been developed so that all components, especially those which are subject to regular maintenance or cleaning, are easily accessible without operation being affected and 100% safe for the operator.

The compressor chamber can be accessed on three sides to make control and maintenance work easier. It is completely separate from the fan compartment.

  • Encapsulated scroll compressors
  • 13 to 141 kW cooling capacity
  • Climate-neutral refrigerant R410A
  • Microprocessor control
  • Stainless steel filter for condensers
  • Water filter at the evaporator inlet
  • RS485 / modbus
  • Single P2 Pump
  • Single P3 Pump
  • Single P5 Pump
  • Double P2 Pump
  • Double P3 Pump
  • Double P5 Pump
  • Non-ferrous water piping for single pump units
  • Non-ferrous water piping for double pump units
  • Pressurized water tank with single pump housing
  • Pressurized water tank with double pump housing
  • Non-ferrous pressurized water circuit for single pump housing (Stainless steel water tank)
  • Non-ferrous pressurized water circuit for double pump housing (Stainless steel water tank)
  • Open circuit kit (Additional Water Tank)
  • Non-ferrous atmospheric water circuit (plastic material water tank)
  • Disconnector Tank with P2 Pump
  • Disconnector Tank with P3 Pump
  • Disconnector Tank with P5 Pump
  • Water Level Switch
  • Automatic water bypass valve
  • Evaporator anti freeze heater
  • Evaporator and pump anti freeze heater
  • Evaporator, pump and tank anti freeze heater
  • Electrical Switchboard anti-condensation resistor
  • Water Double Set point -single thermostatic valve + liquid valve
  • Water Double Set point -double thermostatic valve + 2 liquid valves
  • Electronic Thermostatic Valve
  • Liquid refrigerant valve
  • Condenser with cataphoresis protection
  • Condenser copper-copper
  • Condensing Control: Continuos Speed (Voltage regulator)
  • Condensing Control: Electronic fans
  • Condensing Control: Low ambient temperature kit (up to -20°C ambient temp.)