CWB Chiller from 140 to 570 kW

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The CWB series has been designed for continuous industrial operational use outdoors, with accurate regulation of the cooling water temperature under different load requirements. The series includes 12 models with a cooling capacity of 140 to 570 kW.

Double compressors More efficiency in the partial load range

Chillers are generally designed to achieve the maximum required cooling capacity. Yet this load condition is rare and often only occurs for a limited time. The efficiency can increase by 25% in the partial load range thanks to the use of 2 refrigeration compressor. Due to the fact that only a part of the compressors operate, the heat exchangers and evaporators are currently overdimensioned. This means that chillers with several compressors in a refrigeration circuit can achieve an extremely high level of EER efficiency compared to chillers with just once compressor. The CWB270 to CWB570 models feature two refrigeration circuits

Other benefits include:

  • Lower starting currents
  • Longer service life

Free Cooling

If the ambient air falls 5°C below that of the water outlet temperature, the outdoor coolers can undertake pre-cooling or take over the entire cooling operation. Free cooling is an energy saving tool. The greater the difference between ambient air and the outlet temperature, the more can be saved.

3 operating modes:

Summer – free cooling OFF:During summer, when the ambient air temperature is higher than that of the outlet temperature, the CWB FC functions as a normal chiller.

Intermediate mode: Free cooling + chiller:The ambient air is lower than the initial temperature. The water is pre-cooled and the chiller cools to the desired outlet temperature

Winter mode: 100% free cooling:During winter, when the ambient air temperature is lower than that of the target temperature, all of the water is cooled by the outdoor cooler.


The housing is made of galvanised steel with a polyester coating. All fixing elements are made of stainless steel or are galvanised. The side cladding can be easily removed and provides safe access for maintenance and repair work. The compressors can be easily accessed from three sides, independent of the evaporator, making safe access even during operation possible. The same is true for easy access to the hydraulic circuit by removing the stainless steel filters, which protect the evaporator.

  • 140 to 570 kW cooling capacity
  • (Optional) integrated free cooling (160 - 280 kW)
  • Encapsulated scroll compressors
  • Stainless steel plate heat exchanger
  • Climate-neutral refrigerant R410A
  • Twin compressor for each refrigeration circuit
  • Microprocessor control
  • RS485 / modbus
  • Single P2 Pump
  • Single P3 Pump
  • Single P5 Pump
  • Double P2 Pump
  • Double P3 Pump
  • Double P5 Pump
  • Non-ferrous water piping for single pump units
  • Pressurized water tank
  • Non-ferrous pressurized water circuit for single pump housing (Stainless steel water tank)
  • Water Level Switch
  • Evaporator anti freeze heater
  • Evaporator and pump anti freeze heater
  • Evaporator, pump and tank anti freeze heater
  • Electrical Switchboard anti-condensation resistor
  • Water Double Set point
  • E-coating condensers treatment
  • Condensing Control: Electronic fans
  • Condensing Control: Low ambient temperature kit (up to -20°C ambient temp.)
  • Automatic Water Filling Kit
  • Condenser air filters
  • Flanged Water Connections (EN 1092-1)
  • Threaded Water Connections (GAS)
  • Stainless steel Threaded Water Connections (GAS)
  • Rubber anti-vibration mountings for no tank units
  • Rubber anti-vibration mountings for units with tank