Compressed air quality measurement When air quality becomes a competitive advantage.

Mobile, faultless determination of compressed air quality, measured neutrally and illustrated for you clearly.

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We offer you the possibility of identifying and controlling the prescribed limit values in the compressed air you generate with regards to CO, CO2, O2, aerosols (residual oil content) and the actual pressure dew point (residual moisture) in your production. We define the compressed air quality in your production and expose all the possible points of weakness in the generation of compressed air and in the treatment chain.

This allows you to optimise your operational costs in terms of filter replacements, increasing the service life of pneumatic components and reducing downtimes. And as an extra benefit, you can reduce an important factor in the emergence of leakages and contribute to enhancing work safety, as required under EU regulations.

Summary of our analysis activities

  • Classification of compressed air quality according to
    • ISO8573-1:2015 (compressed air)
    • EN12021 (breathing air)
  • Measurement of residual oil content 

    • Detection of oil in steam and aerosol form on-site
      Up to ISO8573-1:2015 class 2   [</= 0,1mg/m³]
    • By laboratory measurement for class 1 [</= 0,01mg/m³]
      Detection limit [0,005mg/m³]
  • Residual moisture measurement / pressure dew point determination up to ISO8573-1:2015 class 1 [-70°C DTp]
  • Analysis and evaluation of the existing compressed air system
  • Developing neutral suggestions for improvement should measurement results deviate
  • Detection of LABS
  • Detection of siloxanes by VOC analysis
  • Support of IFS measures (International Food Standard)
  • Establishing a control system for monitoring the compressed air quality.


Should any doubts arise about our measurement results, you can have a comparative measurement undertaken by a certified laboratory. We assume all costs if there are any deviations to our measurement results.

Determining compressed air quality in your own hands

Safe, user-friendly, mobile testing of compressed air quality for industrial, breathing air and pharmaceutical applications.

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