Mobile compressed air quality analyses Simple and flawless!

Safe, user-friendly, mobile testing of compressed air quality for industrial, breathing air and pharmaceutical applications.

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Safe Air Tester

The Safe-Air Testers record the total oil content, are easy to use and bring safety to your processes.

The detection limit of the Safe-Air Testers for residual oil content is between class [2] and [1] of ISO8573-1 at 0.05 mg/m³. The Safe-Air Testers are perfect for checking the limits or the audit processes in food applications.

The Safe-Air Testers differ from alternative solutions by the fact that they measure the total oil content as required by ISO8573, namely in 3 states:

  • Drop-shaped oil content
  • Vaporous oil content
  • Oil on the inside of the pipeline

Exclusive measurement via oil vapour sensors in laminar flow may not lead to detection, even with an existing oil load. This is not a measurement in accordance with ISO8573

Mobile Measurement F6000 Safe Air Tester

The device facilitates quick and easy compressed air and breathing air tests without chemical reagents.

DThe device includes gas sensors for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen and moisture. The air humidity is measured by means of a dew point sensor, which is especially suitable for sampling when determining air quality so that accurate measurement results can be obtained in the predetermined test time.

Supported standards

  • ISO 12021 (EU), breathing air
  • COSHH (UK)
  • ISO 8573

The F6000 is delivered in a hard-shell case, which protects it against harsh environmental influences. The device can either be operated with 6 AA batteries or via an electrical outlet. The F6000 features an intuitive touch screen, which makes air quality tests quick and easy.

Online Monitoring F8000 Safe Air Monitor

The F8000 Safe Air Monitor is the ideal device to continuously monitor the compressed air and breathing air quality. The F8000 can be seamlessly connected to the air supply for stationary applications.

Once the device is connected, it monitors and records the air quality in accordance with the configurable standards DIN ISO 12021 (EU), COSHH5 (UK) as well as ISO 8573 at specified intervals.

The residual oil content is measured and monitored via an integrated VOC sensor.
The F8000 Safe-Air Monitor is the only online monitoring system allowing you to check electronic sensors yourself and to validate the results thereof.
Chemical reagents for oil, residual moisture, CO, CO2 and other gases can be connected via a multi-port. As with the other Safe Air Testers, the F8000 will flawlessly guide you through each measurement.

Medical Breathing Air Tests F4504 Safe Air Tester

With an intuitive graphical menu structure and easy-to-use touch screen, the F4504 Multi-Air Tester makes air quality tests for medical and breathing air applications a breeze.

Supported standards

  • EU Pharmacopoeia
  • HTM 02-01
  • EN12021

The F4504 features an integrated electronic dew point meter, an electrochemical oxygen cell and a digital flow meter, which allows air flows of up to 600 l / min to be checked. The device also boasts test ports, which are calibrated for Draeger chemical test tubes / impactors in order to assess oil, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen vapour, sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide in the air sample as well as various quick oxidising compounds by means of a polytest.

The F4504 Multi-Air Tester can store up to 20 test results. The PC software included makes it possible to download and edit reports retrospectively

Druckminderer bis 300 bar Öl-Impactor

Druckminderer bis 300 bar

Öl Impactor
Model F6000 F8000 F4500 F4504
Carbon monoxide (CO) 5 - 150 ppm 5 - 150 ppm 5 - 150 ppm 5 - 150 ppm
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 100 - 3000 ppm 100 - 3000 ppm 100 - 3000 ppm 100 - 3000 ppm
Öl Impactor 0,1 - 1,0 mg/m3 0,1 - 1,0 mg/m3 0,1 - 1,0 mg/m3 0,1 - 1,0 mg/m3
(NOx) - - - 0,2 - 6 ppm
(SO2) - - - 1 - 25 ppm
(H2S) - - - 0,5 - 15 ppm
Water (H2O) -65 °C bis +10°C
dew point
-65 °C bis +10°C
dew point
5 mg/m3 - 200 mg/m3
50 mg/m3 - 2000 mg/m3
dew point sensor
-65 °C bis +10°C
dew point
Oxygen (O2) 0 to 30 % 0 to 30 % 0 to 30 % 0 to 30 %
Pressure 2 to 10 bar 2 to 10 bar 2 to 10 bar 2 to 10 bar
Alarm contact -   - -